Who we are

Who we are

GreenHand is not a charitable group, it is established with a mission to solve problems in the society, to raise awareness about public health and join hands to build a clean, green environment through practical and transparent actions. Additionally, GreenHand also works with social, charitable organizations, business or individuals to collaboratively develop and implement sustainable solutions to support the community, improve the lives of disadvantaged people.

Why do we sell organic produce?

This is 100-organic strategy which is one of GreenHand solutions to the community:

  • To support the disadvantaged ethnic people in remote areas to approach markets, generate income to improve their lives. We collect organic products from their home gardens, transport and distribute directly to the consumers.
  • To protect public health, products are grown naturally and 100% chemical-free,collected from garden houses and only cultivated with natural sources.

Where do we collect from, why "organic"?

Products are collected from local family farmers in remote areas. The current collection area is in Chu Se district, Gia Lai province and will be expanded in the future.

All fruits and vegetables are naturally grown and developed in local farmers’ gardens. Thanks to the fertile red soil of Cao Nguyen basalt, together with natural water sources from underground or annual heavy rainfall, completely uncontaminated from industrial waste in the area, the produce simply grows without the need of any chemical impact. Our collection area is still limited and must go through our tight control procedures, so we only limit a small amount of sales during the day.

What do our fruit and vegetable boxes contain?

We offer boxed fruits & vegetables, each of which includes the best range of products in the season and is randomly selected from the GreenHand team. For example: herbs, radishes, tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes, sprouts, broccoli, beans, bananas, avocados ... sufficiently provides essential nutrients for your daily meals at least a week.

Long-term plan from 100-Organic strategy?

To build and develop a system of local organic vegetable and fruit farms at scale, to train and guide them - the disadvantaged locals  in cultivation techniques, that helps to create jobs with stable incomes.

What is the sales fund, how do we raise fund?

GreenHand invests 100% in operating costs. However, to help us survive and grow in the long-term, we introduce our sales fund, the partial proceeds from sales are contributed to this fund, it is used to primarily support developing sustainable solutions for helping out the community as well as to fund our future activities about public health and environmental protection.

How does GreenHand build trust within the community?

Transparency is a the key fundamental criterion at GreenHand's business moral:

  • Fruits and Vegetables collection activities are reported regularly on the system and our social pages.
  • All products must be sold at the most competitive prices.
  • The total amount of money in the fund is clearly shown and automatically updated on the system.
  • Each customer can refer to his total contribution to the sales fund through purchase history.
  • All plans and activities are publicly reported with total money spent from the fund on the system.


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